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Mad about Yoga: Cheryl Tiegs

By Victoria Clayton

Cheryl Tiegs, whose career as a cover-girl model has spanned nearly 30 years, claims her foray into yoga four years ago was far from picture perfect. "It was not a pretty sight. I was sweating so much that my yoga mat at the end of class was like a little swimming pool," she says. "I wasn't graceful, I wasn't breathing right, but I loved it." However, her muscles weren't so sure. "My legs were very tight from hiking," Tiegs explains. Yoga instructor Rod Stryker urged her to hold forward bends, dreaded poses in the early days. "Today I can lay my body on my legs and it feels amazing, but when I first did it I wasn't exactly a happy yogi," she admits. At the time she had no idea that she would eventually marry Stryker. It's an understatement to say yoga has changed her life. "I've never quite known a peace and calmness like this before. It's given me great stability, great groundedness. My mind is calm and at peace pretty consistently."

No easy task, given that Stryker and Tiegs just became the parents of twin boys and were in the middle of a major home renovation at press time. Regardless, Tiegs does yoga three times a week: "It helps me cope in every difficult or stressful situation."

November/December 2000

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