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Special Delivery: Ex-model Cheryl Tiegs, 52, will soon welcome twins with the help of a surrogate.(Happy)(Brief Article)

People Weekly; 6/12/2000; Dam, Julie K.L.

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When they found out last November that they were expecting twin boys, former model Cheryl Tiegs and her husband, yoga master Rod Stryker, were ecstatic. But they were also nervous about how to explain the happy news to Zachary, Tiegs's 8-year-old son with former husband Anthony Peck. Because Tiegs had been unable to conceive, the couple had found a surrogate mother willing to carry the babies, and they weren't sure how Zach would react to such an unconventional arrangement. Finally "we sat him down and said, 'Mommy couldn't grow them in her tummy, so we have another woman who is growing the babies for us,'" recalls Tiegs, 52. "And he looked at us and said, 'What is it? A plant?'"

At the memory, Tiegs flashes the brighter-than-sunshine smile that helped make her famous as the magazine cover girl of the '70s. "Kids, they're funny that way," she says. "They accept things you'd never expect them to. If it's normal and okay for you, it's normal and okay for the...

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